1. It wont feel real. You’ll find it difficult to believe in people for a while…you’ll probably betray everything you told yourself you’ll never do again…
  2. You’ll realize that the love you both shared can’t be measured in days , nights  and years…but only in memories and tears….
  3. There will always be a small part of you saying “hold on a little longer” and there will be huge part you saying “move on”…And choosing between the two will just make you stop listening altogether…
  4. You’ll wish that he finds everything he seeks…you’ll not wish now for the scars still burn…
  5. No matter how bad you feel..for i promise its just the beginning of the adventure..
  6. There’s a silver lining with heart break called time…which will heal you overnight…

-mehraisha…(Six things i wish someone told me about heart breaks…)


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