Coffee did it all….

I actually did’nt know him…while i was sipping my coffee…and pening down about what i saw through the vintage…and about the bitter taste of coffee…suddenly a guy came and said “Hey beautiful” … As i looked up i saw a face which was just more than what everyone call’s sincerity…i fell in love with brown shade of his dark bright fire eyes…i stared at him for 2 minutes and in just 2 minutes i got the answers of all my questions…he melted my heart in just two minutes…

Suddenly he said ” Can i have a word with you?”  without having control on myself i disheartedly replied “No”…As he stepped back..i dont know something happened..or should i say i actually dont know what that feeling is called..i stopped him and asked him to join me…

And then for next few hours…without knowing each other’s we were talking endlessly…Who knew that , that endless conversation will make us fall for each other for forever..♥

Theres something about strangers…without knowing there names you can talk to them for hours…sharing your deepest secrets…

It can be someone you met at a coffee shop or a bus , a flight Or someone you met at a library…

And when they share there stories with you…its something you can call a perfect timing…something which hits the right hear chord…and you lock their stories into something inside you….

(A story which started at a roadside cafe)💛


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