Coffee & Cigarettes are enough!

I was searching his name on my facebook and suddenly a message popped “Hi”…i still remember that feeling for once my heartbeats just stopped beating… My heart was out of my mouth…it was a mixed feeling of excitement,almost shocked, dont know what to do…yes it was him …the name i was searching for…i replied back the same…and then we started talking to each other…everything happened so fast exchanging of our phone numbers , chatting to each other daily like a an opium eater…phone calls till 3am and still forcing each other for not sleeping for the next two hours… Caring for each other…telling our deepest secrets to each other…AND still could’nt NAME what it was..We both never excepted that we actually falled for each other…but somewhere in the corner of our hearts we both knew how important we are to each other…

But there’s saying is’nt a smooth road to walk on…the same happened…everything finished i still could’nt get the answer of how everything went wrong…even though we know we had a limited time together we could’nt stop..

If feelings could define a word and exactly how i’d define forever…how writing about this will make me feel? I don’t know..but theres a smile on my face and tear in my eyes and thats how it supposed to be….i know i’ll be able to bottle up all the pain….for now a bitter cup of coffee and a cigarettes are enough 

(a story which was’nt supposed to end like this)


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