And alcohol was the only relief

I Straight away went in to my room as i entered my flat….and started crying….it was’nt that i saw you with someone else after we broke…it was’nt about that you still dont care about my feelings…it was’nt because we could’nt make an eye contact with was’nt because you started ignoring after the last night we saw eachother…


When i saw you today our past flashed in front of my eyes….it was US….you promised me that u wont break up…but for a while i forgot that promises are made to be broken …you loved me so much that scared of seeing you again…because if i’ll see you may be i’ll start craving for you Again….

I stood and took a bottle of whisky in my hands and went in my balcony….it was all done and dusted….theres is another me inside me…which the outer world does’nt know and may be they wont be able to…and its me here standing with the medicine in my hand not able to take a deep breathe anymore…having so many thoughts of either quiting or continue….and you know what this bottle will be there with me till those seconds of my life when you and death will be only choices…. 

I know this alcohol does’nt numb the pain…i know running away wont heal my wounds…but you know whats the best thing about me i’ll keep going because i know one day you’ll come back…because when between those 20 girls you’ll find no one trust worthy…u’ll miss me….and till that time i’ll here thinking about you with this bottle in my hand….


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