3 AM

I wont say its your mistake….I mean its okay to be with some other girl or liking some other girl after whatever happened between us…But dont you think such frequent changes in you will somehow effect me…

Ah! I dont even know wheather you think about me just once in a day,week or should I say month…But can i share something with you…i dont know when that day will come..when you will read this and realize that it was only me who cared about us…it was only Me sacrificing for us…it was only me standing with you…it was only me keeping the promises….

Here I am walking in mid of the night with the burning cigarette in my hand…trying to inhale it and feel it…but nothing is happening…it feels numb….feets are cold enough to walk…but i keep walking till the ends meet..but the reality is ends never meet…but still i am hoping for us to meet again and start it all over again….

Here i am standing in front of my mirror…with courage but unable to make an eye contact with myself…but this bottle of jack daniels gives enough of strength to survive…After you left…cigarettes and bottle of whisky were only there to company me…


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